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Things to Do in Miami When Spending a Few Days There on Business

Visiting Miami for the first time is a little overwhelming. It’s an expansive city with many things going on. While perhaps visiting to host a trade stand at a business expo, don’t forget that there’s plenty to do on your downtime instead of just staying in your hotel room ordering room service!

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Here are a few suggestions of what to do while in Miami.

Record or Live Stream from the Business Expo

To create distributable content for YouTube or business promotional content, consider hiring a Miami Florida production studio which has outside film crews. Not only do they offer in-house recording, but Beverly Boy Productions also provide fully-trained crews to support live streaming, expo coverage for later use, and other commercial purposes.

Their team also produce TV commercials, so any recording at an expo can be produced to the same professional quality as your business requires for inclusion later in a TV commercial.

Take in the Nostalgia with Classic Shopping Arcades

Before the upmarket shopping malls, there were classic shopping arcades. These iconic mini-malls take you back in time in spite of the ultra-modern Miami skyline with its skyscrapers and bright lights when the sun goes down. The malls are changing hands fast and being modernized, so it’s a great time to see them while you still can.

A trip over to the Ultramont Mini Mall on SE First Street brings you back to the 80s where part of an episode of Miami Vice was filmed there. The list of retailers has changed over the years, of course, but it still features classic décor, including neon store signs outside and retro touches.

Get Scientific at the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science hosts numerous exhibitions like Strange Matter in their West Wing, Design Lab for budding young engineers in the making, and their MeLab which explores the connection between the body and mind in visually interesting ways to get kids interested.

Beyond their exhibitions, they have a tri-level aquarium providing the opportunity to see various marine life in different environmental conditions. Their Frost Planetarium with state-of-the-art projectors and a 67-foot wide view provides a unique perspective on the world above us.

Relax in Bayfront Park

Bayfront Park has lush lawns with palm trees for provided shade, a water view, and skyscrapers in the distance. The park is popular for unusual festivals, pre-announced concerts and major celebrations on national holidays like Independence Day. There’s also a tower that remembers the Space Shuttle Challenger too.

Enjoy the Miami Flavor

Don’t forget to take a stroll out in the evening to soak up some of the nighttime atmosphere that Miami is famous for. There’s plenty of bars where live music is played and excellent restaurants to sample the local cuisine with a distinctive Miami flavor. Ask some locals for their current favorites as there are always new happening spots opening up.

Once you can unwind a little, business trips are an excellent way to take a break from your hometown. You get to see something new and different, do a little business and feel like your trip was worthwhile on many levels.