VPS Hosting is usually the preferred hosting choice among people who are looking for a better avenue to migrate from a Shared Hosting plan. However, users may get confused at first, as VPS allows more root access and greater customizability. Therefore, VPS Hosting usually comes in two packages, namely, Unmanaged and Managed VPS Hosting, depending on the control you get to manage and customize your plan.

What is Managed VPS Hosting?

Simply put, Managed VPS Hosting providers takes care of the configuration and maintenance of your VPS Server Hosting. They are also responsible for server security and other software and hardware maintenance. This takes most of the workload from the clients who can solely focus on their growth. It is extremely beneficial for people who have little or no prior technical knowledge in managing their hosting requirements. The level of control a client enjoys may vary from one hosting provider to another.

What is Unmanaged VPS Hosting?

In contrast to a Managed VPS Hosting plan, the unmanaged one leaves all the major responsibility of the server with the website owner. Apart from the operating system which usually comes preinstalled, the owner has to configure and maintain all of their software needs. However, the role of maintaining the physical server and providing the guaranteed uptime lies with the hosting provider. It provides a good option for owners who have sound technical expertise or have hired someone for their IT admin needs. Even then, the workload of managing the server may divert your attention from important issues of business establishment, especially for budding entrepreneurs.

Major differences between Managed VPS Hosting and Unmanaged VPS Hosting

  1. Responsibility of managing the server: The core difference between the two lies in the control of managing the server. In Unmanaged VPS Hosting, most of the software configuration and up-gradation responsibility is with the owner. However, all the major responsibility is shifted to the provider in case of a Managed VPS Hosting.
  2. Cost: Managed VPS Hosting may be slightly priced higher compared to the unmanaged server. However, the price difference may be worthy, especially for new users, as the workload of managing the server is lighter. On the other hand, Unmanaged VPS Hosting is cheaper and is the preferred solution among technical experts who are looking to add more value to their website by customizing the server from the backend.  

Which one should you choose?

As iterated several times, there is not much difference between the two plans and a user can effectively enjoy most of the benefits in either case and selecting between them comes down to one’s own requirements. Managed VPS Hosting is apt for someone with little technical-knowhow or for people who do not want to get overburdened with the tedious task of managing the server.