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So you need to send a video or movie to someone, but your e-mail won’t let you send huge files. What do you do? Well, you can pay for services that allow you to send files as big as you want.

However, there are free file sharing services online that you can use that are just as effective. Below will show you exactly how to send large video files for free online.

First, make sure you have the video file you want to send. Make sure you know where it is on your computer, because you will be sending it off in just a couple minutes.

Next, there are a few different online services that allow you to send these large files. Most of them will let you know that you can “upgrade” to get faster sending times, as well as give you extra goodies like “unlimited file sending at once”.

So while you can go ahead and pay for the extra service, it really isn’t needed in most cases.

So what do I use? Well, I use a whole bunch of different ones, but there are 3 specific sites that I use almost 100% of the time.

The first one is This is used by many people because of how easy it is. You simply head on over to their home page, and ignore EVERYTHING besides the box that says “Send A File”. Here you simply follow the easy steps, upload your video file you’d like to send, and then you can send it to whoever you’d like! You can even send it to your own email address for later viewing.

The thing I like about YouSendIt is you can actually download a “You Send It” program to be used on your computer. Once you’ve done this, you never have to go online to send video files anymore. Just simply open up the program on your computer, choose your file, and send it off immediately!
The only downfall of using YouSendIt is that if you want to send files for free, the maximum size of your file can be 100MB. For shorter videos, or videos without a lot of special effects, this should be enough. But for some, read below for some different alternatives.

Another free file sharing service is There isn’t any way (as of right now) of getting this on your desktop, but the thing that people like about this service is the larger maximum file sizes. For Send Space, you can send files up to 300MB, which should be more than enough for most videos.

The final one I’ll mention in this post is Now, this one is good for even larger files, up to 2GB in fact! The only thing that holds people back from this service is you have to sign up for a free account and log in each time to use it. So… my advice – “If you’re not sending files larger than 300MB, use on of the other services.”

Besides these three file sharing services, there are hundreds and thousands of other websites that do this exact same thing. You really have to experiment with a few of them to find the best one. Some you need to sign up for an account, some take extremely long to send the file, some don’t allow certain file types.

I’d say the above three are your best bet!
If you know of any other services that you’ve used to send large files online, feel free to let everyone know of your experience and your review below in the comments.

  • sunny

    this is very slow to upload the images and sending to e-mails

  • Ben Werdmuller

    We've built a service at that lets you send video of any length, quickly and privately. You can also attach transcripts, comments and non-video files. Paid subscriptions can download in a variety of formats, and the professional accounts have group sharing.

  • Mjmoore1971

    Just tried YouSendIt.  The max file size is 50 MB.  For anything larger they want $9,99.

  • Luigidied1786

    There is a website where u can send videos immediately, any size. I just forgot the name of it. I had it on my other laptop but i just sold it, and i forgot the get my bookmarks (dumb, i know).. but basically this website allows you to upload a video and once you are done, it will give you a downloading code, so the guy (wherever you wanna send it to) will use this code to download it, and the download process is so fast. (well, that depends on you int-conn too). So if anybody know anything about it please help

    • Kyle from VideoInter

       I'll check it out, thanks for letting me know!

  • Denine

    Just a heads up Yousendit has reduced been reduced from 100gb to 50gb

    • Kyle from VideoInter

       Thanks Denine, I'll update the post!



  • Sichere Geldanlage

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  • Alpay is also an option

  • VideoInterweb

    @scorpioizzle1511 You're very welcome, glad I could help, and @candisweetart No problem! There are tons of different one's out there, just have to find one that fits your video needs.

  • candisweetart

    Great article i use , but i never heard of the others before, now i'll go check them out,thanks Kyle.


  • scorpioizzle1511

    I found this very useful topic.I actually was about to start a collab with a friend and needed to know how to share files! Thanks man! Good stuff

  • VideoInterweb

    Hey Manish! That's a great site as well!!
    As long as people are okay with signing up / entering in their information, then that choice looks like a winner.
    For some reason though, there are still lots of people who don't like giving away their information. Anyway, I'm using YOUR service next time!
    - Kyle

  • Manish M. Shah

    Another favorite option is File Apartment ( Easy to use, fast, no software to download or registration, up to 1 GB, free option, safe, and secure.

  • VideoInterweb

    Excellent point "Home Video".
    It's always best to compress files before archiving. However, just make sure you don't lose too much quality!! Smaller file sizes are great until it looks too pixelated and not worth having.
    - Kyle

  • Home Video

    Large files digital pictures, in particular, should always be compressed before archiving to save space. Home Video

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